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Why are prices so low?

We are a pure Online-Shop without sales outlets, which saves significant operating costs, which means we can pass on this advantage to you as a customer. We always try to offer products at the lowest prices possible.  Of course the bases of our offers are the purchase prices at which we source our merchandise from wholesalers. We buy from a variety of EU-based wholesalers with comparable product offerings. In various cases these wholesalers are also active as direct sellers on their respective markets. We monitor product prices constantly and also make use of individual market trends.

Who is “Happy Discounts”?

We are a small team of professionals operating out of Munich, Germany. The business activity is run in the form of single proprietorship, sole owner is Jochen Hausmann. Our business address is:Seidlhofstr. 28, D-80639 München, contact email: info@happy-discounts.com.

Are products original?

All our offered products are original brand products, which we buy directly from wholesalers. We do not sell plagiarised and/or outdated products. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal of our business activities. If you have doubts in the quality and origin of our products you can always return your purchased goods without additional cost, for additional information please see FAQ item below.

Can I shop without registration?

Yes, you do not need to set up an account to shop with us. Please drop the merchandise of your choice in the shopping basket and choose the payment method. Than choose the option “shop as a guest” and enter your personal address details,. Via this process you can shop, no matter if you have ordered with us before or not.

Can I sign up for newsletters?

Yes, just “tick” the box with the question regarding newsletters when going through the order process. You can stop receiving newsletters with any newsletter using the “opt-out” menu point in the lower part of the newsletter.

Is there a discount for Core Customers?

Yes, we are happy to offer you a permanent 5% discount for repeat customers. With the first delivery you will receive a code which allows you to receive the discount from your second order on. This discount is permanent, and can be used from any computer or mobile device from which you access our online shop. This means that you can pass it on to your friends and family at your own discretion. You can combine the 5% core customer discount with the payment in advance discount of 3%.

Do you also sell on a wholesale basis?

No, we only sell to retail customers.

Are shipping cost a “flat fee”, i.e. the same no matter how much I order?

Yes, the current shipping cost of 3.95 EUR is fixed and not dependent on the value and / or weight of your order. This means larger orders pay off.

What are my customer rights if I want to return the purchased goods?

You can return your order – in total or partly – within the first 14 days after receipt, without any cost. We will typically refund your local shipping cost via the original payment method.